Behind the launch of Orange Fun Finder

Way back in October 2009 I stood in front of 150 people at NESTA and introduced an Orange competition that was looking for the next ‘big idea’. The competition was a search for innovative services and business models that would increase customer loyalty and create in excess of €20 million revenue over three years. 

My presentation talked about finding a product or service that could improve our customers lives by offering them a brilliant customer experience, great value for money and that helped them to ‘do more’. The idea would have a positive impact on the Orange brand, reinforcing why the customer chose Orange and would drive a sense of “intrigue” and “desire” in non-customers.

I remember saying that we we looking for an Orange Wednesdays for the smartphone generation.

Fun Finder launches

25 months later Orange Fun Finder has launched.

Powered by Last Second Tickets Fun Finder offers discounted tickets to music, comedy, theatre, film, sport and other events. Orange customers tell Fun Finder what they like doing by selecting from twenty event genres, where they like going out and then receive alerts when matching events become available. A typical discount would be between 30% and 50% off.

Fun Finder will be available nationwide in towns and cities large and small and will cover many different entertainment genres in hundreds, if not thousands, of venues. With nice chunky discounts Fun Finder is designed to be inclusive, enabling any Orange customers to go out with friends or family wherever they are, whatever they’re into.

Trying to assess Fun Finder objectively I like its straightforwardness. Sometimes big brands can over complicate things but it’s clearly about erm, finding fun. Straplines like “Tickets to things you’ll love” or ”helping you discover events around you” are also simple and compelling.


Clearly Fun Finder is all about customer loyalty and giving customers more reasons to stay with Orange. It’s builds on Orange’s other properties including 241 cinema tickets with Orange Wednesdays and free iTunes movie downloads with Film To Go but it also offers an interesting route into the market for SoMoLoCoVo services; that is social, mobile, location, coupons and vouchers.

The Big Idea

In the last eighteen months, maybe a little more, there’s been a revolution in the way that we access, create and consume information. Fuelled by the rise in smartphones the internet is now mobile.

Mobile devices have become the primary way that people access the internet, replacing PC’s. The mobile is the digital hub of our lives - it’s the one device that never leaves our side and is personal to us. It knows who we are, where we are, what we’re up to and we use it to power our professional, family and social lives.

Our mobiles are the remote control for our lives

Against this background Fun Finder enables Orange customers to discover what’s on around them, get recommendations, invite their friends and book and pay for tickets. Fun Finder is proverbially mobile, social and location aware.

It could easily extend to other things to do on a day or night out such as restaurants or bars and could power the recommendations with vouchers or coupons to nearby or recommended venues. In the future using NFC and contactless technology people could ‘tap’ themselves into venues using paperless tickets or pay for things using mobile payments.

And think of the amount of ‘big data' that this generates.

At the moment the service has launched in the Midlands but it will go nationwide over the next couple of months.

[DISCLOSURE: As you might be able to tell I worked for Orange on the launch of Fun Finder]

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